"pr0n" is porn for dyslexics.

It also is a stupid alternative for evading fascist censors.

I would prefer to say "Poon" or "Poorn".
Go stick a pr0n up your ass and then watch some porn.
by Jeremy Steele April 03, 2007
Abbreviation for pr0n0gr4phy.
U c4n g0 0n t0 g00g13 t0 f1nd 5um l33t pr0n0gr4phy, y0u s1ck b4st4rd.
by Elgeoharris March 15, 2004
A visual still image or graphically animated film most commonly used for masturbating to for an extreme climax or orgasm resulting in ejaculation. Often used to enhance performance in a masturbathon.
/noun/slang/h4x0rz for pornography
by Dr. Oxford May 16, 2003
Stemming from censorship on AOL, pr0n was used by horny twelve year olds to search, and talk about, porn.
Yo, I f0nd d1s ph4t pr0n of br1tny sp34rs puzzy!
by Mainline April 24, 2003
A reference to pornographic material made by nerds on the internet.
d00d, d035 j00 h4v3 pr0n und3r y0ur b3d?
by Justin October 11, 2003
1)the only thing the internet is really good for.. that and music.

2) the way geeks say "porn". cause they cant get laid even with porn stars. and they gotta change the word so that their mommys wouldnt know they're lookin at it..
"j0 m4n i'm h4xx0r l337. i cant get laid so i just wack off to pr0n.."
by neo-kaneida October 02, 2003
The term for pornography most commonly used by people who are too young to be accessing it.
5w33t! I f0und t3h u53rn@me & p@55w0rd f0r a m@d pr0n s!t3
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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