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When you sprinkle powdered sugar (artificial sweetener if your a diabetic), or cocaine around your partner's ass hole and proceed to lick and suck it off before penetration.
Since I was hungry and horny my wife decided to give me a powdered donut. It hit the spot just right.
by Tricky T October 20, 2007
8 26
The act of suffocating a gopher between two bodies (preferably one male and one female) mid-coitus and once said rodent has expired, shaving the sucker clean. The gopher is subsequently ejaculated on, covered in the jizz and rolled in freshly powdered cocaine. Finally the female is sodomized with the gopher.
"Yo girl! What be that white stuff on your legs?"
"Oh. That just be some nose candy. My mac daddy gave me the ol' Powdered Donut last night. I really like it."
by Sans dot! November 05, 2008
7 26
After ejaculation, the semen(cum) is allowed to run down the shaft of the penis and onto the balls. Where it dries. Leaving a dry, flacky, white coat.
"I had to rush to jackoff this morning and I couldn't clean up, now I got a powdered donut."
by Treble June 16, 2003
11 37
gold bond blowjob (think about it)
Bonnaroo 2004: no chaffing a lot of ejaculation
by James Daly July 02, 2004
4 39
When you ballz deep in yo bitch and you pull out, skeet on her mouth and scratch yo dandruff in it.
That crazy ho asked for a dozen powdered donuts last night!!
by Demontae October 10, 2006
36 73