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When masturbating, or recieving a hand-job, spit is put on the hands, and treated as a lubricant to stimulate the cock.
"My bitch gave me a spit shine lastnight, it felt so fuckin' good."
by Treble June 16, 2003
A session of consecutive kisses. Usually lasting a duration of 5 to 10 minutes in length. Can be done anywhere. Usualy intimate.
"Yo, I saw Tom and Larry making out at that party lastnight dog."
by Treble June 17, 2003
Slang term for "Cum"
"I poured some ranch dressing all over my girls salad lastnight."
by Treble June 16, 2003
High class. "Dope." Better than most.
"Motha Fucka, I got them pimp shit skills!"
by Treble June 17, 2003
Short for "I have got to" or "got to"
"Man, I gotsta get with that honey over there."
by Treble June 17, 2003
The inflammation of the grundle.(The palce between the testicals and asshole)
"My gouch really itches, I think I might have grundlitis."
by Treble June 16, 2003
A small child fascinated with his own penis.
"Martha, I'm worried, I think our little Tommy is a cockling."
by Treble June 16, 2003
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