A group of freinds; gang; who go around with you and beat other people up and hang out
ima hang with my posse and beat on some gnagstas
by Shade November 04, 2003
A group of your closest friends, typically not belonging to any type of click
"I was just chillin with the posse when the woman comes in and just starts grabbin me!"
by hawl September 26, 2005
a group of kids or teenagers
He hung out with a posse of troublemakers. That was why his parents were angry with him.
by Light Joker December 20, 2004
your group of friends often referred to as those cool marching band kids that sit together on the bus.
"I love you posse!" said Emily on the way to a football game
by Ryan the band geek August 22, 2006
a force that possesses an elite level of intimidation, but the most intimidating person ever still doesn't have enough to be a posse so you need at least two people but up to 10,866 to meet the quota
yo, the punisher, come be my posse. i need to downsize those bitches smart eyin' me
by slutbagz May 17, 2004
Marnie Marn and the Funky Bunch
Marnie Marn and the Funky bunch be chillin in the "D"!
by A-Dawg March 03, 2004
Tempus, Maj, Burrows, G, K Dogg, Mikey B and Metzy.

Fast cars and faster chicks.
"We got our arses kicked after talking trash about The Posse
by Harley Chaplin January 18, 2004
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