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a name for a group of people who, by default and not by their own making, are considered the greatest people alive. Often of African american descent, and ALWAYS accompanied by a leader, who is referred to firstly, before any funky bunch member. Moreover, to become apart of a funky bunch is at the bequest of only the leader, it is virtually impossible to break into the bunch after the first members are decided upon.
zoe: hey look its morgie morg and the funky bunch
greata:oh yeah they so cool
by funky666 June 13, 2011
A sexual exploit consisting of 4 or more participants both giving AND receiving a salad tossing by positioning themselves in a circle while on their hands and knees. It's kind of a modified daisy chain with a side of rimjob.
When the Thompsons and the Nelsons get together for an evening of punch & pie, they always seem to end up in a funky bunch.
by T-B0NE666 January 04, 2005
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