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A bunch of close friends who hang out together & shenanigans always ensue.
Hey, The posse is having a posse party this weekend. You should go, it'll be so much fun!
by Starchylde June 04, 2016
A group of immensely cool people, who often have a few tag alongs who aren't as cool and sometimes have their own sidekicks, like ulrik, or Gandhi. The main difference between The Posse and a Posse is that anyone can be a part of a posse, where entry to The Posse is limited.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm in the posse!
Guy 2: Me too man!
Guy 3: Damnit, the posse turned me down. I always wanted myself an ulrik.
Person 1 : I heard the posse are coming to america
Person 2 : Really omg!? wow imma go see them
Person 3 : i dont have a moustache so i cant go :(
Person 4 : i bought the blow up ulrik last friday
by ulriksman June 01, 2010
Consists of the largest players at crosssraods:Gianni.G Nick Melon, Nick.M, Henry.L and Madison. R, Current honary membors are Justin Bright
Yo th posse was bumpin da ladies yesta day.
Yo them homies is Ill dogg!
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