"Are you going to Cantina?"
by casey July 02, 2003
A word used to let Friends know, that you are going to play a trick on somebody that is in present company.

To play Opossum
You say "Hey , Let's do a beer run!"
Victim says"Lets go!"
Friend says " Are you sure? or are you playing poss?"
You say "Play'n Poss"
Victim gets Locked in trunk of car.
by Mosschino February 05, 2010
to kick/hit really hard
i just possed that guy good!
by hardcore tomas January 04, 2007
abbreviation for Pussy
Steve:"Dude that girl totally would have fucked you"
Rob:"Yeah but if I tried anything i would have looked like a stalker"
by Steve March 03, 2004
A mispelling of 'boss'
"Yo, these altoids are poss."
"Wtf did you just say?"
"I...don't know ;.;"
by Alex August 20, 2003

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