Thick and Thin - he's really thick and she's really thin. A greasy celebrity couple who were so vacuous they named their firstborn after where it was conceived. Their younger son, Romeo, well, I lost £20 betting that it'd be called Letchworth.
"Oh bloody hell, it's Posh & Becks again. Let's ignore them and perhaps they'll go away."
by KHD October 18, 2003
Top Definition
1. English celebrity couple Posh Spice and David Beckham.
2. English Cockney rhyming slang for "sex."
Kevin: So Jack, what have you caught on camera last night? Any quality material
Jack: Well mate, the only thing I happened to come by was this anorexic bird who was jilling off on her bed.
Kevin: Really? Well that's nothing special compared to what *I* caught on tape last night.
Jack: What did you see?
Kevin: You'd find this hard to believe, but I saw POSH AND BECKS engaging in some intense and passionate Posh and Becks with each other!!
Jack: REALLY!?
Kevin: Yeah! And blimey man, was David a demon in the sack! He was ramming her indabutt like a stud bull!
Jack: Now THAT is voyeurism! My Jackson Pollocks are itching and I want to see the video!
Kevin: Sure mate, let's go to my house and watch it. I'm also going to put it up on the Web for others to see.

Mark H. Jazzing up Urban Dictionary since February 2004.
by Mark H November 15, 2004
Other than refering to the celeb couple, this can refer to sex.

In a way similar to dog and bone, created by taking a word that rhymes with sex (becks) and adding a related word (posh), making "sex" become "posh and becks".
Lets run up the stairs for some posh and becks.
by klepto November 26, 2004
daft english celebrity couple made up of Posh Spice and footballer Devid Beckham.
Both daft as brushes!
by fart knocker April 24, 2003
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