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a girl that tries to get it on with lesbians but wont go all the way!
by lettuce June 04, 2003
straight bar
by lettuce June 04, 2003
a big ole stinky burger with everything on it!
by lettuce June 04, 2003
NEW ZEALAND: A rather detached maori concept of balancing your life, it's all about the physical, social, mental + emotional, and spiritual balance. In reality, it's just taught at schools in New Zealand to white girls who are forced to take it by the Government. It's a bum subject at school, that is, no one gives a shit if you fail or pass with excellence. It's meant to make you a better person. We have to take it at NZ high school until fourth form, when we can drop it's sorry little ass and go back to our unbalanced but nevertheless much better lifestyles.
A: Dude, have you done our Haoura assignment? It's due tomorrow.
B: Fuck no, I'll do it before class. I don't care if I fail.
by Lettuce June 26, 2005
she aint posh!
by lettuce June 04, 2003
to have sex in ireland
i shifted a wee doll last night!
by lettuce June 04, 2003

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