Well techinically, popular means well liked, and well known, and just because you don't like one of them doesn't mean that no 1 else does
Well, lots of popular girls can be bitchy, but many others are really nice people, with great senses of humour, and who cares if they're sluts or do drugs...its a stupid decision, but you can't judge them because of it. I recommend just ignoring them or else stop complaining because ur jealous of what they have.
Sarah is popular, but shes rully nice
by Mike February 25, 2005
fucking hott girls that everyone wants to fuck but they know they can never get them. every girl wants to be them so they act like they hate them when theyre actually jealous.
dude that girl is so fucking hott, no wonder she's one of the popular girls
by whoaaalex February 12, 2009
A popular girl is not a mean bitch or whatever those sterio types are. I am popular, and obviously we are not sluts! Sure there are those girls who overload on the make up and people think that's cool...it's not. If you want to be popular you need to be yourself and trust me they will like you if you act like yourself. If you are some cyco and you have neer acted normal a day in your life, then I don't think that you would just go over to them and be all normal all of a sudden! But the sterio type of a popular girl is straight out mean. An people are always like "ooh the populars are sooo mean!!!" well truly they aren't!!! "I don't think people notice but the "nerds" are the ones talking shit about them! And the popular girls are just minding their own business with there friends. Yeah normally the popular girls are almost seeming pretty and perfect but we all have flaws and they do too. The so called "normals" might have sleepovers and act crazy!! And be like "haha omg I bet the populars would never be doing this! Well....i hate to break it to you, but your wrong! We have sleepovers all the time and want to know what we do? Run around, scream, laugh, ride around on little toy cars from when we were like 5!! All the same things except maybe play on our dss we hate those...sorry! Haha we aren't bitches! If anything, the losers are because they shit on us so much!! Don't want to be friends with the popular girls? What ever! Your loss of ever getting a good boyfriend!!!
Loser girls Miranda and Melissa: wow look at them...laughing over there with their boyfriends! They are such bitches!!! I hate them so much! Ugh

(over with the popular girls)

Meghan: guys, I don't know about you but have you noticed how Melissa and Miranda have been so mean lately!

Kara: I noticed that too! Today in bio I saw them like shifting on Mikayla and I!!

Mikayla: yeah guys you will never believe what they were saying..

Kayla: what did they say? :( babes you'll be okay;) we luv ya and thats all that matters right!? <33

Kara: well we heard them say; "wow they are fucking bitches!!! Look at them over there talking to Zach and Kyle all flirty and all! Oh my god I can't take them any longer!!"

Jenn: that's because they are so jealous of you gorge girls;) just don't worry about it they just want to be in your position and have the boys falling for them!!

Caroline: haha guys you know it's true!!! We love you and honestly we have to forget them cause they are just here to throw bombs on us everyday!!

Sophie: group hug? ;)

Ava: everyone, get in<3

Sophie: Guys lets make sure that we won't ever let those girls EVER make us upset okay??

Mikayla: yeah guys shes right! Forget them! Let's go talk to Jack and Ryan so they can make us laugh again! ;)

Caroline: yeah and we can just ignore them and maybe we won't ever hear them call us slutty popular girls ever again!! Who's with me!!??

All the girls: me!!

Kara: aww I love you guyssss<333
by Live_Laugh_Love_mylife April 23, 2012
Popular girls get popular because of other little nerds that talk about them all the time. They're not always mean but they eventually become mean just because other people gossip about them. They hang out with the cutest guys in school, have the hottest clothes, and are the prettiest most of the time. They're not as bad as everyone says they're actually prety nice. Stop hating popular girls just because they are wayyyyy better than you jerks!
Geeky Girl 1: Omg shes sooo stuck up!
Geeky Girl 2: I know, right? Like I heard that she says that she's a model and I've seen her in a couple of ads but like still..its not that big of a deal..
In reality these nerds know nothing about the popular girls even though they pretend they do..
by Popular Girl April 20, 2008
Oh my gosh, I'm so tired of you ridiculous people being so fucking immature. If you 'hate' us so much, come do something about it instead of ranting about it on the internet. You can't solve anything doing that. It just sets the spotlight on your low social skills, being unable to 'tell us off' and all face to face. I unfortunately cannot do that because according to you, the 'everyone' that hates us isn't saying shit in person.

Stereotyping people is not a way to judge people. Reading your definitions remind me of those retarded sluts in movies and low budget TV shows. By watching a couple stereotypical shows and labeling us, I'd say you're as bad as you SAY we are. Our vocabulary range does not simply consist of, "OMG! Like totally!". Who the fuck even came up with that rumour. That's like me claiming that intellegent people only say, "superb" or "ownz0r". Even though I know that there may be a few who do actually talk like that, I'm not going to start a vicious rumour that all intellegent people in general do talk like that.

Popular girls in general are what modern society call 'beautiful'. If you hate us for our physical appearance in which we're born with, then we have the right to hate people for their intellegence. Sounds fair? They're both worked on, born with and could be enhanced. I think that everyone has the potential in being very smart, or very pretty. It simply depends on what they do with themselves.

By 'beautiful' I don't mean makeup beauty. The girls who hide their face behind layers of powder are not what I call popular. They're called 'sluts'. They're the ones who NEED the makeup, because without it they'd look like a piece of shit. And they think that without looks, they'd be a loner because their personality is poor. Once in a while, we may put on eyeliner and such on certain occasions. There's a fine line between 'sluts' and 'popular' but I would hate to have anyone else confuse the terms. They're usually confused because both categories tend to be attractive.

We shop, so what? Shopping is a hobby that people practice. If you don't want people to attack you for reading, then don't bloody attack other people for their hobbies. We all have different interests but everyone who bad talks us can't seem to set that fact aside. Being angry at popular people for shopping at certain stores is like us being angry at you for buying books at Chapters. It just doesn't make sense. It's as if we don't buy clothes at whereever you buy clothes, we're 'rich bitches'.

If we want to date attractive boys, then we will. You can date whoever you want and I personally wouldn't give a shit. If you do happen to date an attractive boy, I would not see you as a popular person. Just a girl with an attractive boyfriend. Who we date should not place us into stupid categories.

We wouldn't go out of our way to slam you into lockers or beat anyone up. That's what you call 'bullies' who satisfy themselves by physically beating people daily. We'd only fight if you've done something that really offended us. Like you, it's natural to fight back.

There are popular people who don't get onto the Honour Roll every year. I do not think that that means that they're stupid. Wake up, there are unpopular people who also do not get onto the Honour Roll. Does that mean that they're stupid? Are you going to start insulting your own 'comrades' and call them 'idiots' or that they'll never amount to anything? No matter what, there are going to be people who are smarter than others. Just because there'll be a few popular girls who aren't straight A students, doesn't mean that they'll end up working at a fast food resturant. So just lay off the typical "all popular people are retarded" saying, because frankly, you all aren't rocket scientists yourselves.

You say that we don't have friends because people we hang out with backstab us? How the fuck would you know. Considering as to how much you hate us, you're obviously not a 'friend' of ours personally. Stop your wishful thinking, maybe it's you yourself who have backstabbing friends. Or perhaps you ARE the backstabbing friend. I'd say you're a hopeless loser who's desperate to be 'popular'. The only way you think you could be 'popular' is to backstab your so called friend. Pretty damn pathetic. These people are not popular and never will be considering their attitude.

So there we go, I've cleared up most of the major misunderstsandings. If you still hate us, then go ahead because it's impossible to love everyone. If it makes you feel better about yourself to trash us indirectly, then I think that you're the one who should be hated. This time though, stop stereotyping us and insulting us for things that you do yourself. And if you must, then fucking do it in person. Because we're right there, you can come up and tell us what you think about us anytime... and we'll always be here no matter how much you want us to disappear. Just don't expect us not to give you our own opinion.
popular girls are beautiful, fun, well educated, often stereotyped, etc.
by perfectscandal June 01, 2006
1. girls who usually get gang banged by 10 black guys.

2. rich white jewish girlz with everything they ever wanted

3. what you're not
1. the gurls you see walking with a limp

2. the girls from lower merion high school

3. well everybody else execpt you and you and you
by Bearded Abe March 06, 2005
Similar to prep. They have a lot of friends, and everyone (or at least most people) knows them. Luckily, they are not as mad and snotty as preps are. Most of them are very nice.

Typical Wardrobe - Same as everyone else: Abercrombie, Hollister, AE, and Aero. They also sometimes shop at other stores, like Wet Seal or H&M.
Omigod, here come the popular girls, surrounded by people.
by Hillary! January 03, 2007
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