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a sad abbreviation for "i love you so much" commonly used by people who really dont "love" a person, so they simply blur it into one word. IF YOU FUCKING LOVE THE DUDE/GIRL, JUST SAY IT!
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by sexy biatch May 20, 2004
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i love you so much
hey mol ilysm
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
I love yogurt sometimes maybe
"ilysm! Today they had a new flavor I though I'd like, but then I didn't."
by dont_hate May 09, 2013
i love you so much
Guy: Gimme head
by asscrunch April 19, 2003
This days, we'll all make our own ways to make things much easier such as this, ILYSM. Meaning; i love you so much.
Girl: Hey, i've realized that i really do love you, ilysm.
boy: ilysm too....
by KRONG-KRONG February 20, 2008
i love you so much! tell your lovers everyday
hey ashley ilysm your so gorgy
by lucie kait May 26, 2007
I love you so much


The cheap was of saying i love you so much
Hey babe ilysm
by Allibear April 08, 2014

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