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Why is System of a Down such a good band? Let me count the ways...

1.) All of their band members are awesome at what they do. Daron is renowned for his creativity with the guitar, Shavo is a great bassist who is very entertaining to watch, John is as fast and talented a drummer as anyone out there you can name, and Serj speaks for himself, with one of the coolest voices in metal music.

2.) SOAD doesn't rely on corny "extras" that nu-metal is known for, like turn tables, goofy sound effects and bad attempts at rapping. Their success is owed solely to their talent.

3.) They're not angsty like most nu-metal bands, and they don't whine about how depressed they are or how they feel like they're going insane... if you want that BS, listen to Slipknot and Linkin Park. The subject matter of System's music is abstract and spans many topics and issues.

4.) They have a sense of humor and innovation. Some of their songs are simply weird and funny. They're definately not afraid to do something different, and it works for them.
System of a Down is so much better than other nu-metalers that it makes people wonder if they could even be called nu-metal.
by johnny January 23, 2005
The Devil in human form
Dick Cheney is the Devil Incarnate.
by Johnny April 28, 2005
a jigger is actually a double sided cup / double sided shot glass used to measure and pour liquid when making drinks or other recipes.

from cocktail.com...

Shot or Jigger

1 shot equals 1 1/2 oz (ounces)
1 shot equals 4.5 CL (centiliters)
1 shot equals 45 ml (milliliters)
1 shot equals 3 tbsp (tablespoons)
The nigga used a jigger to measure 6 figgas for his corn bread.
by Johnny February 21, 2004
under the influence of a sedative drug.

and if you don't know what -sedative- means...

A drug having a soothing or calming effect.
"i wanna be sedated!!"

--the ramones fuckin rock--
by Johnny November 06, 2004
To make-out using the tongue and going further into kissing. (remember it is an urban dictionary not merriam websters!!!! so screw the definition of scam meaning a scheme!!!!!)
I scammed with your mom last night.
by Johnny March 08, 2005
Pussy Fart
I was in so deep she queefed
by johnny November 20, 2003
The capital of Rhode Island. Kind of like the illegitimate lovechild of Boston, LA, and the Soviet Union.

Bad part of town: Southside
Person A: I'm from Providence.

Person B: Oh, really? *clutches wallet*
by Johnny December 02, 2004

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