The act of covering the outside of a woman's vagina with ejaculate while she is on her period, then waking up the following morning when it has dried and eating her out. (... like a strawberry poptart...)
Him: You know that little hoe Debbie?
You: ... yeh?
Him: I was totally poptarting her this morning.
You: Fuck man, that shit really like strawberries with icing?!
Him: ....

by ItsAPosition April 19, 2011
Top Definition
When the girl flicks the balls repeatedly until you ejaculate on a pop tart and slap her in the face with it while you eat the other pop tart.
Bryson- Hey you wanna try poptarting?

Emily- Sure what do i do?

Bryson- Here hold these pop tarts and ill show you
by lihams22 February 18, 2014
Taking a dump underneath the covers while asleep.
I took NyQuil and Ex-Lax last night and ended up pop tarting in my sleep.
by Anchala April 09, 2008
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