a long.dildo like edible tasty thing you can suck, lick, bite (but i may hurt ur teeth)
Sally really likes to suck on that popsicle
by sw33ttasha November 06, 2004
When you stick your dick in the freezer and continue to fuck some bitch with it. She will love it.
I gave my girl a popsicle last night and she loved that cold up in her pussy!
by joe dady March 11, 2005
A girl is a popsicle if she stops her slutty friend from having oral sex. Also know as cock block
A: I really want to hook up with Brooke, but her best friend is such a popsicle
B: Yea, with her around youll hever get any head
by nat March 03, 2004
slut or whore
a girl who wears skimpy clothes
shoot look at her skirt she is such a popsicle

did you hear what she did with andy? she is such a popsicle
by anh June 23, 2007
What Mandy likes when talking on the phone.
"I can't get on the phone yet."
"Why not?"
"I need a popsicle!"
by Ryan_Ares May 09, 2006
The censor for the word 'fuck' at the ZeldaPower forums
What a popsicleing idiot, he always spams.
by Anonymous April 12, 2005
Some guy said that a popsicle is when a guy put his penis in to a ass full of shit and take it out...
girl-put it up my ass now
boy-yeah oh yeah I feel great..

girl- now take it out..take it out out ahh..
boy- ahhh shit...oh no what have i done....let me smell it..ahhh hummm ewww a popsicle
by yyeehhaann March 15, 2007

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