1.a popsicle is simply a ice-cream stick which sometimes have jokes written on it..in America frozen juices around a stick is called popsicle.
2. slang use- used as male reproductive organ;penis
I will use my cold and hard popsicle stick to open ur asshole.
by #DaGuy May 25, 2016
1) A euphemism for swearing
2) An attempt of cursing without the abrasive language
Example 1;
Jeremiah: "They say it's gonna rain today, ya'll"
Kizziah: "Ah, popsicles"

Example 2;
Samuel: "Would you care to join me for a truncated dinner and walk then extensive festivities in the bedroom?"
Kizziah: "No, I would not. I have plans with my relations"
Samuel: "Popsicles, another time then"
by Siminyakamungasirchewi October 14, 2013
A prostitute, or street hooker.

Named so for being present at convenience stores during ice cream season.
Hey yo did you see that popsicle outside 7 11?
by bettrgets May 11, 2011
A fun way of saying "cool" when just the word cool seems so bland.
"You can meet me on the coner"
by Amsome February 23, 2006
when you try a trick skateboarding and you take the board to the gooch and all your weight is centered on the board; hurts like a bitch
he got popsicled trying a hardflip on a longboard; dumbass
A way to enjoy another person's body. You can lick, bite, nibble, suck, etc. like you would a popsicle.
I popsicled Jayne last night. He was tasty.
by chicinthecity March 01, 2008
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