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using the anus as a sexual organ.. :D
One of the marvelous sex discoveries of human kind

its just next to the vagina of a woman..n its slippery
if it is against the will of god...to have anal sex...then why is it such a sexy smelly hole?

Religous wife-No what are you doing.(suddenly pulls away while having sex when her husband was trying to do in there)

husband-who cares...i forget i forget..its such a sexy thing..I couldnt remember a thing in the religon book
by yyeehhaann March 15, 2007
Some guy said that a popsicle is when a guy put his penis in to a ass full of shit and take it out...
girl-put it up my ass now
boy-yeah oh yeah I feel great..

girl- now take it out..take it out out ahh..
boy- ahhh shit...oh no what have i done....let me smell it..ahhh hummm ewww a popsicle
by yyeehhaann March 15, 2007

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