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A girl is a popsicle if she stops her slutty friend from having oral sex. Also know as cock block
A: I really want to hook up with Brooke, but her best friend is such a popsicle
B: Yea, with her around youll hever get any head
by nat March 03, 2004
4 24
A girl who is ice cold on the outside and has a stick rammed up her ass on the inside.
"My girlfriend is such a popsicle - when I told her that my mom died, she laughed then went to work for 12 hours."
by Hank Thompkins January 10, 2008
610 95
A frozen treat that comes in many different colours and flavors.
by TheWiggidy April 19, 2004
273 93
sometimes used as a sex toy for nasty sluts
ew ashley used a popsicle as a dildo
by CH45S5 3R April 08, 2009
85 52
Step 1: Tupperware container by the bed
Step 2: Add semen bi-nightly (do not ejaculate any other time- keep your loads abundant and potent!)
Step 3: Rotate nights with your best bud
Step 4: Place a popsicle stick in the middle
Step 5: Freeze during the day
Remember: Make sure you don't get any on the stick!
Step 6: Once you've collected an abundant supply (the more the merrier!!), find a kinky female on a hot summer day
Step 7: Run the outside of the tupperware container in warm water
Step 8: Remove your POPsicle by the stick
Step 9: Donate your POPsicle to the luck lady and make sure she shares with her ladyparts!
Step 10: Take bets on who will be the daddy
Cumboxes are so lame, lets make a POPsicle instead!
by daphunkeefeel1 July 06, 2012
39 14
Receiving a blowjob from a girl who has ice cubes in her mouth
before she started I stopped her, went to the freezer, got some ice cubes, and after I explained a little more she was all about giving me a popsicle
by youjustgonnadoyourtaxes?? August 25, 2010
66 51
A prostitute, or street hooker.

Named so for being present at convenience stores during ice cream season.
Hey yo did you see that popsicle outside 7 11?
by bettrgets May 11, 2011
12 9
1) A euphemism for swearing
2) An attempt of cursing without the abrasive language
Example 1;
Jeremiah: "They say it's gonna rain today, ya'll"
Kizziah: "Ah, popsicles"

Example 2;
Samuel: "Would you care to join me for a truncated dinner and walk then extensive festivities in the bedroom?"
Kizziah: "No, I would not. I have plans with my relations"
Samuel: "Popsicles, another time then"
by Siminyakamungasirchewi October 14, 2013
3 3