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If one is at the movies with one's date, proceed to buy a extra large bucket of popcorn and place it on his lap during the movie. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket, and proceed to stick your bare penis in the hole (preferably bonered). When your date reaches in to grab popcorn, she will be delighted.
I did the popcorn trick last friday at the movies.
by Matt Flyn April 30, 2003
When a male forces a hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket and proceeds to insert his dick and waits in anticipation as his dates reaches in for a great surprise. Advisory: Extra Butter is always nice.
by Sonnet56 October 15, 2003
The popcorn trick is achieved when a movie-goer garbage picks an empty popcorn bin out of the trash, and subsequently goes to the snack counter to get the aforementioned garbage-picked popcorn bin refilled.
dude, don't spend $7 on popcorn, we can just pull the popcorn trick and get it for free.
by kurtchromely May 19, 2011
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