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It is the russian term used to say "ass".
"That girl there, she got a nice popa"
by Andre February 01, 2005
Marijuana, or the act of smoking it.
You got any Po-Pa?

Wanna go Po-Pa?
by Damn yo. November 15, 2006
a popa is the scruffiest man in the town/city usually lives life scrounging money for drugs and such. Always on jobseekers/welfare,also a popa will cheat at everything they get aswell as girlfriends on holidays in tennerife/other hot places they dont care about anything except themselves. you will recognise a popa when they are being aggressive and threatening people
dude you totally did a popa on that cruise ship last week.
omg that guy is such a popasaurus, omg
by boiytsy July 04, 2011
rich father
Popa can you buy me a new car?
by tre da joker September 17, 2003