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A continuously happy person. Someone that is always smiling, always happy and laughing in a rather loud manner.
fiona is totally "pop n fresh"
by jess2234 April 06, 2008
Police, military or guards with riot padding. Can also include less seriously clad but still substantially padded with great accoutrements such as machine guns or unusually holstered strange pistols, billy clubs and dark cylinders.
As soon as the fight broke out in the yard pop 'n fresh came jamming in and told everyone to go flat.

When we came in to the city over the bridge pop 'n fresh lined both sides of the tolls.
by Sardined137 June 02, 2012
When having anal sex your partner farts on your penis give you a nice vibrating feeling
Sarah walker gave me a dirty pop n fresh, i was so good on my penis
by Flugen April 10, 2012
The best person ever. Also known as "Whatever Damon is + 1"
My name is Munki and I sure wish I was PopnFresh. He's my hero!
by PopnFresh October 14, 2004
the name of a neet ninja of the real name of jake foster port perry and is friends with other legandary ninjas of names that i'm not at liberdy to say
jake foster or pop'nfresh
by me popenfresh December 20, 2008
1.A phrase used to describe an amazing event. 2. Describes a trick that one lands when on a skateboard/skates/waveboard/flowboard or and mode of transportation
Guy 1: "Spiderman just saved 17 people!! He is so pop n' fresh!"
Guy 1 : "Dude that 900 kickflip was Pop n' fresh."
by The Sky King February 05, 2008
when u step out of the shower and dry urself off but whipe the penis so hard that u get sexually aroused by it and u get a boner
Chantelle: " Why is ur penis dripping wet?"
Matthew: " I couldnt wipe it without pop n fresh."
by Algore09 November 23, 2007
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