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a stupid idiot. a way of making fun of som1 without using such harsh words like slut, bitch, whore, ass-hole, ass-wipe ect.
it sounds stupid, but once you start saying it, its actually quite addictive and fun!
someone,"you suck!"
you,"shut up, doorknob!"
by pop-n-fresh March 30, 2006
Somone that studies squirrels.
I'm a squirrelologist.
by Pop-N-Fresh December 10, 2003
Something my teacher says.
Well, stop the clock!!!
by Pop-N-Fresh December 15, 2003
The greatest food.
Nacho cheese rules.
by Pop-N-Fresh December 10, 2003
The greatest invention ever.
If you watch The Simpsons, they mention hot plates. Hot plates ROCK!!
"...and a hot plate!"
by Pop-N-Fresh December 10, 2003
The greatest college ever!
Skip, skip, skip to Perdue! Skip, skip, skip to Perdue! Skip, skip, skip to Perdue, skip to my future college!!
by Pop-N-Fresh December 15, 2003
its my nick name. you may give it as a nick name to one of your friends if they fill all of these qualifications:

1. is a spaz/really hyper all the time

2.is tall

3.likes cats *meow*

4.gets obsessed with things way too easilly...like Inuyasha, or noodle from the gorillaz...or learning kinda sorta how to speak japaneese

5.loves stickers....there just so stickey....OH! and loves tape!!!! and tapes up peoples birthday presents really alot

6.talks alot...and really loudly

7. is obsessed with fantasy and wishes thay had pointy elf ears... and not santa's elves ears...like lord of the rings elf ears!

8.is special *smiles* my mommy says im special!
arent you special! *sparkles fall from sky* I dub thee.... POP-N-FRESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!! *every one celebrates*
by pop-n-fresh April 22, 2006
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