Pop music is probably the biggest waste of time this side of Rap. Mostly, the singers are stupid teens with no talent singing about love or what a great day it is. Pop artists never touch on serious or meaningful topics, as it would alienate their fanbase.
Set "Pop music was created by Satan as a way to torture human beings and drive good music FURTHER underground."
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007
Music that is usually used in order to make ones ears bleed
"Hey, lets go listen to some pop music, I feel putting myself through hell!"
by Janaye September 03, 2002
1. Utter corporate shit that the men in suits push on the public in order to dumb down the populace. It is manufactured to the max by some "songwriters" in Europe who think music can be put together like Lego sets - I could write better lyrics and music than what's on these "songs" when I am STONED. Pop music acts concentrate more on their looks, sexuality and choreographed dance moves. ALL of those teenybopper pop acts suck out the unwashed ass. The fucking Spice Girls started this trend of trash about 10 years ago and the public have been sheep ever since. We need a punk-like rock and roll movement to bring music back to the people.

2. A chart-topping new wave hit for M in late 1979.
1. Quit playing that Britney Spears crap! She can't sing. Here. Play this U2 CD instead. U2 rocks. That Britney Speares CD ain't good for nothing except for use as a frisbee, and then you should fling it in the fucking trash can.

2. ... New York London Paris Munich everybody talk about pop music
talk about pop music, talk about pop music
shimmy shimmy doo-wop pop pop shoo-wop...
by Starpunk November 30, 2006
something that requires no talent to make as it only uses cheap shitty computer software and some blond bimbo slut or some batty boy preppie faggot male to "sing" the shitty lyrics some cocklord named Bjorn from Armenia wrote.

In fact it shouldnt even be legally defined as music Call it Horrible Talentless Noise
Horrible Talentless Noise
by Brother Number One December 07, 2003
an evil satanic form of music,if u would call it that ,that is simply a ploy by company's to make money, the main method used to brainwash people into buying this crap is by employing good looking people(most likely once homeless) to sing the songs written by the company songwriter preying on teenage girls who somehow believe in their minds that they will one day marry,go out with or have a kinky one nite stand with the artist

absolute useless music that ruins good music like punk and metal and im white and i respect rap music a million times more that rap
cheers ive said my peice
simple plan,backstreet boys(who r now at number 2 i believe thats fuked up)N"SYNC, nelly,britney spears, and n e person involved with idol and finally n e of you speds that r involved in the scam
by Isaac Teague August 02, 2005
Simple "music" for simple people.
You can compare pop music to McDonald's. It's readily available and it's advertised everywhere, and it is definately not good for you.
by Captain Itchy Eyes October 09, 2007
A type of music that is made popular by the screaming of teenage girls and by old men that have crushes on the teenage girls that sing it.
Oh my god, I love that Justin Timberlake he is so cool because I'm a stupid teenage girl with no taste in music.

Man, I would like to get a piece of that Britney Spears, cause I'm old and want to do stuff like that to girls that I never have chance with.
by Bobo March 09, 2004
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