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vulva, vagina, especially when in full arousal in the expectation and desire for sexual intercourse
<cited from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (Signet paperback page 190) - Ken Kesey, "...legs long enough to lock around his mighty back , and a little cup of poozle warm and juicy and sweet as butter an' honey...">
by pack rat rider July 01, 2004
(n.) vagina.

See also: bearded clam; cooter; cunt; hair pie; muff; pussy; beaver; vagina; hoohoodilly.
I put my stank down on that bitch's poozle.
by Shifty Eyed Goat June 23, 2003
a woman's vagina ready for sex
You have a hot and juicy poozle
by Bucky Baby April 24, 2005
a woman's vagina
She's sittin' on some fine poozle.
by doxman November 22, 2003
A stoner game that involved sticks in your local forest. By wacking a stick into a tree, you can sometimes fling the remains at your friends. Try it sometime!
" Man I got poozled! "
by 420 god October 11, 2006
sex, hooking up, getting action.
Im getting some major poozle tonight!
by nicole and marie October 15, 2004
NOUN 1. a small piece of lint or fluff
2. the knubbly bits of a sweater

as in: "you have a poozle on your shirt, let me pick it off for you"
there could be a poozle sticking anywhere
by Zooney April 25, 2006

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