The thing between a womans legs that controls our lives. Often called hey-na-nee-na-nee.
I slammed my junk into her pooty and launched some dna.
by Yammer May 08, 2003
A cross between the terms "pussy" and "booty" to create a easy saying for what straight men chase 95% of their lives
Guy 1: NIIICE look at that girl
guy 2: WHOOO i want that pooty!
guy1: wow chill out there buddy. you're balls dropped like yesterday
by SWIGGYcJ91 December 17, 2007
when one has a continous amount of farts within a short amount of time
guy one: "man, i really have the pooties right now"
guy two: "yeah, with you farting alot in such a short amount of time, it sure does smell bad"
by artie simmons June 15, 2003
The area of skin in between a woman's pussy and booty.

The female synonym for chode.
Ex 1:
Guy: Hey Girl... How that pooty smell??

Girl: Smell good!

Ex 2:
Guy: Hey Girl... How that pooty smell?

Girl: Smell bad :(

by eggrolldave April 15, 2009
To take a dump and call it 'pooty'. A term for individuals who have a poop fetish.
Eww, did you see that porno last night with the pooty lady smearing shit all over herself? AND it came from her own ass!
by Jerry Jerry June 08, 2015
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