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4 definitions by alfeef

A cheap female who gives herself too freely, has no respect for relationships, is uncaring of the status of a man, and has a foul odor. She usually walks like she's rode too many horses.
What a stanky skank! That fast food girl hoes around and tried to get with my husband!
by alfeef March 02, 2010
a McDonalds fast food whore
Seriously? Do you have anything better to do than screw everyone else's man, or are you just a McWhore?
by alfeef September 07, 2010
the alien sound and pungent odor that comes from one's rear end when gas is released.
"Wow, what a fartoid! You stank so bad, and it sounded like a squeakin' machine gun."
by alfeef April 05, 2010
The not-so-attractive area of frontal fat on a woman above her pussy that's so big, it looks like a booty.
"How come your ass is under your stomach? Oh wait, it's your pooty!"
by alfeef April 05, 2010