To be poor: To lack a certain something, be it money, fame, hope, basic hygine, or a compainion.
Not he who has little, but he who desires much is poor.
by nate dvorak June 05, 2007
one that lacks the ability to out spend, out play, or out frag wisc.
nontoxic, who is poor, made a poor website because he's a poor fragger.
by toddler toucher April 13, 2006
Less sucesful thieves. Often found protesting more sucessful one.
Poor: We demand more tax. It's unfair that (Bill Gates, Rockefeller, etc.) doesn't work yet make so much money.
by Teguh November 23, 2003
Rubbish, not very good.
Used by some people to describe DT work, who also say scrum down.
Sir: Er freddy (som of bernie white) that casting is poor my son!
Freddy: thanks sir scrum down!
by Tom Scott February 12, 2003
Anyone that doesn't have cable or even a videogames system.

What people are in Mexico.
We're so poor we can't pay attention.
by phantom5 February 13, 2005
1. no money

2. lame; retarded; ghey
1. Yo John's so poor .

2. OMGWTFBBQ my comp is being so poor . Frickin lag OMG.
by Partyboy821 May 29, 2006
Synonym for "Minority."
Juan and T-Loc are poor.
by Spyder Mayhem August 15, 2005

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