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When you have too much month at the end of your money.
Person 1: "You wonna go eat at that new restaurant?"

Person 2: "No, man. I'm broke. I've been eating government cheese all week, maybe next month when I receive my paycheck."

Person 1: "Oh, I didn't realize you were poor. Next month sounds good."
by The Man With The Awesome Cape December 08, 2011
1 1
means that you are so poor, your uncle named ferdinand has no respect fo' u or yo brother jamal
You are soo po'or..LEAVE THIS HOUSE, no one likes you!!
by Fuchilla March 03, 2003
1 3
To not have the newest Blackberry because your jank phone service is to crappy to even know whether or not your phone is on back order.
Richard is poor. He doesn't even have a tracking number for his new Blackberry Tour yet!
by John Galt18 July 13, 2009
6 12
1. Having no money or having very little money; homeless
2. pitiful
3. weak
1. He was a very poor child.
2. Look at the poor little baby!
2. Poor excuse for music; poor insult.
by dref said right June 09, 2004
94 102
the type of person you laugh at
Hey, dude, did you you see that poor tramp living under the bridge? Stupid fucking gypsy.
by alipeewee21 July 03, 2009
7 44
anything that sucks, someone you don't like
that class is boring. the professor is poor
by LaDeeDa November 03, 2003
22 66
poor is a unhealthy person who doesn't have many valuables..
and cant afford new clothes
ex. a guy named frank
who can't afford a game system
who always has to get a discount on something
who gets clothes from his friends
is a poor guy
by gangsta.for .life February 11, 2008
18 67