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The single most offensive thing you can call someone. It's like the atom bomb of arguments. Men fear it's omnipotent and awesome power. It it literally unmatched and all humble themselves in the presence of it's divinity. Few have survived to tell of it...
Person 1:Your such a dumbass, you stupid little fucker.
Person 2:You poopy head!
Person 1:*cries*
by Bobfrankjoe October 28, 2007
744 103
A poopy head is something little kids call each other when they're angry. It means they have shit for brains, therefore they are idiots.
Bobby, you poopy head, u spelled CAT wrong!
by Hannah Banana April 01, 2004
278 100
a kids version of shit head
omg billy ur such a poopy head i hate you!
by Justin June 30, 2003
183 78
one who has a head made of poop.
Jose is a poopy head
by eric frost June 07, 2003
179 84
loving nickname
i love you my sweet little poopy head
by alisha September 18, 2003
175 88
a mean spirited person
Mandy is a poopyhead
by !Candy! May 27, 2005
52 21
It's a term of endearment for a significant other who tends to be moody.
Hey, poopyhead will a little head scratch make you feel better?
by eleventoes November 18, 2008
25 16