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Sarcastic and purposefully immature word for "delicious".
Adam: How's your dinner?
Steve: Poopalicious!
by ryan y February 23, 2005
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Describing something tht is very unpleasent. A bad taste or in bad taste. A very annoying or obnoxious behavior or trait. Describing something that is or has an undesirable effect or mood.
Joe: How was work?
Tom: Poopalicious.
Tanya: How was my stew John?
John: It was very poopalicious.
by sueme17 March 12, 2011
so amzing or delicious you want to crap
amare's dunk was poopalicious lil wayne is poopalicious
by vanila waffa aka da rock February 16, 2005
It looks like shit but it taste good.
Wow. This sausage is poopalicious.
by nerdyman May 02, 2010
Something that hornily tastes like 2 girls 1 cup.
Man that cheesenugget was poopalicious!
by horny toad sucker October 17, 2009

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