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3 definitions by sueme17

(do-sh-bag-eht) A gender specific tittle for the female douchbeag. Insult used to describe a female doucher.
Bob: I can't believe Tanya
Joe: Yeah she is a real douchebagette
by sueme17 March 12, 2011
19 10
Describing something tht is very unpleasent. A bad taste or in bad taste. A very annoying or obnoxious behavior or trait. Describing something that is or has an undesirable effect or mood.
Joe: How was work?
Tom: Poopalicious.
Tanya: How was my stew John?
John: It was very poopalicious.
by sueme17 March 12, 2011
4 2
The effort or act of preventing a femal from engaging in sexual behavior specificaly with a phalius. To create drama resulting in cebalcy for a lesbian.The female version of cock block. past tense clam damed
Sara: I can't believe Tanyas acting like a douchebagette now my date left.
Anna: Man you got clam damed

Do not clam dam me at this Liilith fest tonight Susan
by sueme17 March 12, 2011
3 1