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a delightful midafternoon snack in which excrements are spread between two oven-toasted buns and topped with a green olive and a "homemade cream sauce"
No one can make a poop sandwich like I can!
by Danny B September 07, 2003
The term "poop sandwch" was taken from the line made famous by Kevin Burrows in the late 1970's. The term refers to a life filled with hard times.
Kevin Said, "Life is a poop sandwich and every day is another bite."
by Fellow Shrew May 12, 2008
When you wake up in the morning, hungover as f*ck, feeling like hell, and not even Chipotle can make it better. You probably had 10 shots, 3 long islands, 2 beer bongs, a Miller Lite you found on the sidewalk, an original Four Loko you've had stashed in your closet since College, a red bull, a tray of motzerella sticks, an entire large pizza that you dropped cheese-side down on your floor with ranch that's been sitting out since last week, and a few of those stray Jell-O shots that are in the drawer in your fridge that everyone always forgets about. You are a deluxe poop sandwich with a side of fries, my friend.
Courtney: "let's get Chipotle"
Emily: "I'm way too much of a poop sandwich to do anything today."
by DJhousekitty July 01, 2015
n. Meal(s) composed of the a sustanant portion of animal feces pressed betwixt two slices of Wonder Bread.
Al's Deli makes the best poop sandwiches this side o' the Mississippi.
by Cortney August 13, 2003
Fictional item by which someone would become full of shit. Origin: early 90's philadelphia~mike sadowski
Billy must have been eating poop sandwiches all day, damn he's full of shit!
by bobby steel March 17, 2003
The act of defacating between two peices of rye bread, then topping it off with some fresh cum.
Guy 1: I'm so hungry

Guy 2: Want a poop sandwich?
by The Shit Chef February 09, 2011
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