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Man she sellin Wolf tickes,
That bitch is Wolfin
by Cortney October 28, 2003
n. Meal(s) composed of the a sustanant portion of animal feces pressed betwixt two slices of Wonder Bread.
Al's Deli makes the best poop sandwiches this side o' the Mississippi.
by Cortney August 13, 2003
A person who commits a random goofy act, and is caught doing it! A nice way to poke fun at someone.
Your friend Mark walks in wearing a chicken costume, doing the chicken dance. You say,
"Mark, you are such a sillybillygoosehead!"
by Cortney October 02, 2004
commonly refering to a friend or someone whos attention you want to get. Often followed by ...I know!
1) Dude....
2) ....I know!
by Cortney May 16, 2004
when you have a pop can you tear off the tab when your done. and you give it to someone you want to fuck. and if they except it you owe them a sexual favor!!!!
susan- hey tod heres my tab!
tod-uh no thanks slut!
susan fuck you jerk!
mike- hey susan i will take that.
susan- your house or mine!!!
by cortney March 11, 2005

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