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Someone who does something that annoys you, makes you mad, or does something really stupid. Essentially, everyone is a poop head.
Saddam Hussein is a really big poop head.
by Katie April 03, 2003
1. (n) A name that one uses for their significant other to show affection. Usually used when they would like to use something silly and original rather than the over-used "pooky" "poobear" and "honeybunch".

2. (adj) A name given to someone who is being overly-silly, crossing the line into the realm of stupidity.
1. a) Wanna come over and snuggle with me, poophead?
1. b) Aww, you're so sweet! Thanks poophead.

2. a) What are you doing?! You are such a poophead!
2. b) Why do you always have to act like a poophead all the time?
by Johnny5Aliiive December 05, 2005
Mean person with mean intents
The guy bailed on me just after we slept together, he's just a poophead.
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
poop head oviously means that someone's head is made of feices.
You are a poop head!
by Andrew Flynn March 24, 2005
A named for a person with a shit head
by Jack's monkey July 28, 2016
1. a man or woman who's head is made of poop.
2. Eddie Roohan
eddie is a poophead, a dinosaur poophead
by John Sherman May 04, 2005
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