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Explosive diarrhea in conjunction with violent puking.
I ate some of yo mama's nasty fish and it made me do the poop and shoot.
by StankyCrotchahole March 05, 2010
When someone (usually male) takes a big dump in a toilet, then proceeds to shoot at the piece of poop with a strong stream of pee. Typically, the goal is to break the poop into two pieces. This can most easily be accomplished if the poop is in log form.
Jason (on the phone): "Hey I gotta hang up. I need to go in the bathroom for a round of poop and shoot."
by WantsToEatOutSaraChong June 29, 2014
When you poop in your hand, and whip it across an open field, and shoot it with a 12 gauge shotgun.
Hey, watch me poop and shoot
by shitbirdie November 04, 2011
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