n. Someone who is better than others at some sort of activity.
Man that guy is a pooner, he destroyed their whole team!
by JESUS April 14, 2005
Top Definition
someone who grinds poon excessively to the point of clinically being considered a nymphomaniac. all pooners portray a certain "knack" for the seduction and grinding of pretty much any poon that comes their way. because of this most pooners are carriers of many different sexually transmitted diseases.
man that pooner really knows how to get his grind on!

some day when i grow up im gonna be a pooner.
by rabidchia October 18, 2009
people that are always on the prowl for women
dude lucas,
those guys are such pooners
why yes there are jack
by jack/lucas August 02, 2007
A slang word for vagina, ie poon pussy
Eww! Your fingers smell like pooner!
by Scooter October 15, 2004
Noun: Someone that is a party pooper. No fun to have around.
Verb: To poon out. To drop out of a momentous group activity to the detriment of others.
"We're all cancelling our trip to Vegas because of Frank? What a pooner!"
"Don't invite JT. He's a pooner. He'll totally talk through the whole movie."
"So it looks like Steve's pooning out. What a pussy."
"Pete was going to bring the beer, but his wife found out so he totally pooned out. What a pooner."
by Basque JRED November 10, 2014
The term used to descibe guys who see escorts regularly...as a hobby.
(ie poontang)
Pooners being used in a sentence.
by yoyodude May 17, 2008
A term that describes men who see escorts regularly.

I haven't pooned in awhile, but I plan to return to my old pooner or pooning ways when I get paid.
by yoyodude May 17, 2008
A person who sits at home (on a perfectly good evening for going out) and masturbates.
Anna aint at the party tonight because shie is a pooner.
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