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The best response to anyone who is trying to argue with you or debate you.

The ultimate comeback; unbeatable.
Dude, this song is horrible. - Shane
Nope. - Scott
by Scooter May 28, 2006
the ultimate computer nerd, usually programmers or anyone assoicated with the computer industry that prefers to speaks in code or uses acronyms instead of their given language
After the meeting, the uber-geek confused the board members so much that three of them committed suicide soon thereafter.
by Scooter June 26, 2003
A slang word for vagina, ie poon pussy
Eww! Your fingers smell like pooner!
by Scooter October 15, 2004
To fart in the general vicinity of another person and take off before the smell takes effect.
Guy 1: What's wrong? Are you okay?
Guy 2: No. I just got hit with a fart and run.
by Scooter November 25, 2007
I'll talk to you later. Posse out.
by Scooter April 22, 2003
Something that sounds cool to think, but sounds stupid when you actually say it.
I'm so Jom that I'm Brix! - Smoo
by Scooter April 13, 2004
A type of maths teacher, originating in the S.E of England
What in bit-david's name are you doing?

It's a parabola, bit-david
by Scooter March 20, 2005

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