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A shirt and tie. Typically the type office workers, high school students and salesmen are confined in during the working hours.
Office Worker A: I'm really working for the weekend here.
Office Worker B: Same, I can't wait to be free of this shie.
by PsychoticApe October 03, 2009
A girl who is smokin hawt and amazingly pretty...she enjoys dancing boys with wild hair and wants to marry the one with glasses. cause i get the fat one...she loves to watch rustin heiber and wants to live up to be as cool as her other two best friends. oh and she is the funniest slash amazing person in the world!!! and she also needs to add this to her boy wall, although im not a boy...we need to fix that...not me! the wall!
wow, is that girl the hottest slash funniest slash beautifullest slash smartest slash a heiber lover? it must be a Shie! whoever holds the key to her heart is a babe.
by wiwiwisoexcited June 12, 2011
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