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A very bad smelling vagina.
Some say it has a fish smell.
"Damn, yo shit is poona, U need to wash that stuff!"
by shoVel July 26, 2003
An expression of or vulgar form of greeting referring to the genitalia. Invented by Jason Moore and Matt Denn. Often associated with the similar but less insulting Woodgie Woodgie Wee! and Oumpa which is derived from the noises that my brother made whilst placing parts of our pet dachshunds in his mouth such as their ears and pulling back and forth.
--Yelled in a retarded tone of voice while gesticulating towards the genitalia by means of pointing at the penis.

--In the tone of a question when referring to a member of the opposite sex (implying that you would like to commence sexual relations with said woman or man.) A finger is usually pointed towards the vulval region in a woman with a complimentary coy horny glare.
by Matthew J. X. Denn March 03, 2005
A filthy middle-eastern or Indian person. Derogatory term, not quite like n*g**r, yet up there with jungle bunny and niggasaurus.
"See that Filthy fuckin' poona flauntin' that rag."

"Hey Poona hit me up with another coffee and a donut."

"Fucking poona's killed my brother in Iran."

"Goddamn poona spit in my coffee."
by CoonChaser5000 December 13, 2007