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anything, everything, see all
Go gig yourself with a gigga you gigga faggot.
by DREKKKKKKKKKKKKK September 16, 2007
To masterbate to porn on the internet.
John"Yo do you wanna come chill today after school"
Todd"No i cant im gettin some diggipun"
When you fuck a girl in the butt so hard you can make her ass big enough so you can stick a cane up her ass then rent a wood chipper and put her through it.
Yo last night was the first time i got to crank that Ulysses.
by DREKKKKKKKKKKKKK December 07, 2007
an edable object made of the female vagina that resembles a tuna sandwich
I'll take a poona fish sandwich on rye, hold the bread, hold the fish, and ill take extra poon.
When you take thumbtacks, place them as deep as possible into a girls ass skin (to stimulate the never endings of course) meanwhile, you are beating the pussy up with a rolled up news paper until the bleeding lubricates it naturally. When she is close to passed out call her a slut, cut her head off with a chainsaw and put it on a tiki pole. Grab your best Indian outfit and do a sacrificial dance around the pole while sacrificing a live sheep. This is followed by an anal rape session.
Did you throw away the paper honey? i would love to do The Kieth Olberman Shuffle tonight.
by DREKKKKKKKKKKKKK February 20, 2011

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