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The thing found only in girls, the thing that makes a female awesome
Gina is so great, she has off the scale poom.
by nz May 29, 2003
Extremely Short Shorts
It was a hot day, so she decided to wear her poom pooms instead of her jeans.

She should not be wearing those poom pooms with all that cellulite!
by kikikia May 19, 2006
For all of us who have seen Shottas or know anything about Jamaica we know that poom poom means booty and definitely doesn't mean pussy.
Girl ya touched me heart when ya passed in the poom poom shorts.
by BallaAssNate February 14, 2008
A gay guys butt hole or anal area
Ginger wants to eat Archies poom poom with his tongue
by bd2012 December 22, 2011
A Man who has no backbone. A man who acts feminine. Another word for a pussy.
Look at that poom poom wearing a pink shirt and earrings.
by KHAI April 03, 2005
The act of sex...
Hugh: Man I gotta get me some poom poom tonight.
by Jalopadus November 10, 2005
In the Gujrati language it means "big fart"

Pronounced with the a vowel sound similar to took
His poom poom sounded off like a trumpet
by J.W. & M.F. October 26, 2006
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