1) The term for a Dick in jail!
2) meth pipe.... also refered to as a "glass dick"
1) guy in jail (straight)- You better keep they faggot ass pookie away from me or ill rip it off ! Bitch!!!

Guy in jail (faggot that thinks he's gotta establish dominance) - Ok!Ok! I'm a little bitch that was told things about jail that rarely happen and thought thats what I had to do. Sorry I'm a Fucking Retard

2) some time back in the 70's

(guy just released from prison) - Damn bitch I just got out come sit on my "pookie" its been a long time.

(Tweaker bitch) yeah I love me some "pookie" .... Damn instead of calling that meth pipe a glass Dick I could just say pookie !

(Guy just released from prison) For a Fucking tweaker that's pretty Fucking smart! I hated smoking out of something called a glass Dick anyhow. And the police won't know what we are saying anymore.
by Mr. GoodLuck September 30, 2011
Top Definition
A term used for someone you go with or are married to.
Don't make fun of my pookie; he's not perfect, but he means well.
by Shawn B. March 28, 2003
A term of endearment and affection. It is a name akin to "lovebug", "cuddlemuffin", "babe",
"honey", "lover", etc.
"I love you, Pookie."
"You are my everything. You are Pookie to me."
by Guler March 11, 2005
A pipe used to smoke tweak/speed/crank/shit aka methamphetamine.
Liz got caught with a pookie in her mouth and her parents sent her to rehab.
by A New STD January 01, 2005
Sweetheart. Someone you love dearly.
See you later, Pookie
by JuPa October 16, 2006
garfield that cat's stuffed bear.
Garfield loves Pookie!
by Eric July 21, 2004
Name used to refer to some one you love dearly,normally what the boy calls the girl!

I love you my sweet pookie
by pookiepie November 05, 2005
1). Term of affection for the love of your life.

2). Term to describe anything one does not wish to mention. Similar to the Seinfeldian yada yada.
Hey Pookie, if your not busy, want to go out and pook tonight?
by Pookster February 23, 2005

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