Devil child. Child of the devil. Usually disguised as an angel.
"I'm going crazy. My girlfriend's kid is so pookie it's giving me the creeps."
by master of the factory January 11, 2007
One Pookie without the other Pookie is nothing. They are cute together, boop each other's noses, and love being weird. Together they are themselves. Though they are complete opposites, their personalities balance out, and together they will grow for the rest of their lives. Nothing else matters when the Pookies are together.
I love you, Pookie.
by H3lloKitty October 08, 2012
Nickname given to the man of my dreams. Used to show love and affection for him, as well as appreciation for all that he does. He truly is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.
Is you is...or is you ain't my pookie for life?

I love my pookie!

by Poopsie June 17, 2006
a pipe used for smoking crystal meth or crack. (meth pipe)
I'd rather smoke this crystal out of the pookie instead of busting a line!
by d_ray August 13, 2008
Pookie is the name that Garfield the fat cat gave to his loyal companion teddy bear.
Garfield goes to bed with Pookie at his side every time he sleeps.
by Buckeye Star September 28, 2007
Name used for a girlfriend who is the best girlfriend in the world. A named used as a cute reference to your amazing significant other.
I love you Pookie!

You are an amazing Pookie and I treasure you deeply.
by pabz February 24, 2013
a glass pipe used to smoke meth; has a circular bulb at the end.
I need a pookie so I can smoke.
by cheriecherie April 16, 2015
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