Pipe like item to smoke mostly meth or crack cocaine in.
damn that nigga cheech got caught wit a pookie!!!
kinda what crack did to pookie in new jack..-b.i.g
by methodman610 August 20, 2010
a cute, endearing or "baby-talk" term for "butt", "rump", "hind end", etc.
Toddler who's just fallen, "Waaaaaa!"
Consoling parent, "Awww, there there--did you fall and hurt your pookie?"
by jk June 27, 2010
a hardcore badass bitch that'll remove anything in her path.
Damn!! Pookie, don't kill her!! Stupid bitch shouldn't have messed with Pookie!!
by Pookie0939 February 03, 2010
Pookie : Adjective commonly used in french-canadian language (More precisely, Quebec) to describe an uncouth or scroungy looking person, usually a drunkard or a drug addict.
Hey man, look at that pookie. He smells like beer and it's not even noon!

French version: Heille man, check le pookie. Y sent la bière en tabarnak pis y'est meme pas midi!
by RockGuitarManiac October 18, 2009
1. An affectionate term for someone you love.

2. A child's or a baby's puke
How are you pookie?

Aww you did a pookie again?
by evuppy November 08, 2011
A sub word for cookie, when your too high on acid to speak right.
dude give me your pookie
by Jennntasticc October 17, 2010
a glass pipe used to smoke crystal meth out of.
hey, bro, pass me that pookie because i want to pack a fatso bowl of speed!
by gbrl January 24, 2010

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