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A sub word for cookie, when your too high on acid to speak right.
dude give me your pookie
by Jennntasticc October 17, 2010
3 8
a cute, endearing or "baby-talk" term for "butt", "rump", "hind end", etc.
Toddler who's just fallen, "Waaaaaa!"
Consoling parent, "Awww, there there--did you fall and hurt your pookie?"
by jk June 27, 2010
4 9
A term for a want to be Gangster, ghetto-ish underway showing thief, car-jacker, crack dealer, or anyone aspiring to the Master P lifestyle. An unemployed black male with 3 or more baby mamma's who still leaches off of society
"Man shit, I be lookin fah uh White boy to jack"

"look at pookie over there trying to pimp that 13 year old girl." says the deputy sheriff.
by Rebeldog February 16, 2011
9 15
a hardcore badass bitch that'll remove anything in her path.
Damn!! Pookie, don't kill her!! Stupid bitch shouldn't have messed with Pookie!!
by Pookie0939 February 03, 2010
7 14
The nickname of the most amazing boyfriend in the whole world. A real Pookie will shnoogle with you, eat Betty's cupcakes with you, and always make you feel special and loved.
"Pookie, you make my life so much better!"

"I am so going to shmook my Pookie this weekend."
by brooklynpookie April 06, 2009
14 21
Pookie : Adjective commonly used in french-canadian language (More precisely, Quebec) to describe an uncouth or scroungy looking person, usually a drunkard or a drug addict.
Hey man, look at that pookie. He smells like beer and it's not even noon!

French version: Heille man, check le pookie. Y sent la bière en tabarnak pis y'est meme pas midi!
by RockGuitarManiac October 18, 2009
11 19
A pussy and/or a bitch who wines and has no friends and is a big cock sucker
Shut up pookie
by kahk January 14, 2012
1 10