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1). Term of affection for the love of your life.

2). Term to describe anything one does not wish to mention. Similar to the Seinfeldian yada yada.
Hey Pookie, if your not busy, want to go out and pook tonight?
by Pookster February 23, 2005
A different form of Pooky, a nickname for one extremely kool gurl. Can also be used as a verb.
"I love you Pookster"
"DAYAM thats so Pookster"
by Pookster July 31, 2003
the best band ever!! w/ the lead singer TYSON RITTER~!! ahhh hes so damn fine!
"I was listening to the all-american rejects today, and yesterday, and the day before.. and before... and..bbeefore.."
by Pookster August 01, 2003
HOT, FINE boys, kick ass sumthin that makes u want to shake it lyke they dont make it.
"Tyson Ritter is so BOMB, gotta get me some of that ass ryte there"

"This food is hella bomb. Lets get fat with it then spend the rest of out lives tryin to run it off"
by Pookster August 01, 2003

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