Also known as a "slimey one"
Davids tummy felt funny earlier in the day and he did a nice plop on the dunny... The same feeling happened in the shower and he did a pop, it smelt like rotten eggs but he was relieved that whilst looking down at his feet, there was no poofter present
#poo #slime #runs #dunny #tummy #eggs
a fart , flatulence , passing gas , "poof" .
"pffffffft " "brrrrrrraaaapppp " " hey who let the poofter ? " followed by... "the smeller's the feller "
#fart #rip #step on a frog #draw mud #oops i crapped my pants
by gwar hero December 04, 2005
A bro who seems to enjoy men's company more than the ladies.
Chick: hey wanna chill tonight ?

Bro: Nahh, i gotta hang out with my bros were gonna chill all night play some xbox watch some porn.

Bro 2: What a poofter!
#bro #gay #unbroly #broish #lame
by brosaurus rex January 07, 2009
A Derogatory Put Down Or Homo! British Slang!
Thadius the Australian is a Poofter cos he thinks its an Ozz word ,Its Not,Only Aboriginal words are Ozz the rest of their language was shipped down there with our Convicts!
Stop Being Such a Poofter!
#mistaken #ignoramus #thick #uneducated #convicts
by Aye Yer Maw March 04, 2006
Male homosexual, but the particular nuance is not easy to isolate. On the surface, it is clearly a term of opprobrium. But no one can say it with a straight face, and so it takes on the air of cheerful self-mockery that we associate with Dame Edna or Crocodile Dundee.
Nobody out there but poofters sand sellers of loose joints.
by Buce July 18, 2005
The proper, polite word for a male homosexual.

A person who plays Circle Jerk on your front porch, then rings the doorbell and runs away.

A person who enjoys eating butt and burgling turds.
Leonard the White Liberal felt that he must celebrate diversity, so he went to watch the "Poofters on Parade" parade in San Fagcisco. The Dykes on Bikes reminded him of the lions and tigers in a circus parade. Kind of scary! But he enjoyed watching the pooters prancing on their floats. He blew kisses to them as they swished by wearing jock straps. When we saw a chubby poofter wearing cute little bunny ears making prissy lips at the crowd, Leonard decided that, next year, he would be in the parade too.
#faggot #turd burglar #corn holer #butt eater #arse licker #fudge packer
by Cap'n Bullmoose November 19, 2006
a straight male acting/commenting in a flamboyant manner while twisted out of their mind
after killing a J in tkpk, sam mentioned how much he enjoys gigantic poos which isnt entirely differentfrom anal sex...and subsequently called a poofter
by PePe_Le_Pue December 14, 2004
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