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A male pillow biter.
That guy is a pillow biter. He takes it up the arse. Bloody poofter.
by XTA69 September 19, 2005
One who is unusually fruitful.
That limp wristed waiter or hair stylist.
by Bourne April 10, 2002
n;A needless excess, or troubelsome surplus
"Polynesian wallpaper made the face stand out, a mixture of Oriental and early vaudeville jazz poofter, forming a hard, beetle-like, triangular chin much like a praying mantis."
by Marjorie Stewart Baxter May 22, 2005
someone with poofish tendancies
hes such a poof
by partner August 18, 2003
a gas plant fill in that carries a "purse for a lunch bag"
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
A slang term for a homosexual.

(can also be used when joking around with mates)
1)Dave, what the fuck is wrong with you? I saw you kiss another guy! You're a fucking poofter!

2)Me: Pay the tab
Friend: Nah fuck you
Me: You fuckin poofter! Pay the tab NOW!
by Penis November 26, 2004
Also known as a "slimey one"
Davids tummy felt funny earlier in the day and he did a nice plop on the dunny... The same feeling happened in the shower and he did a pop, it smelt like rotten eggs but he was relieved that whilst looking down at his feet, there was no poofter present