Top Definition
A really, really, really large poo.
Boy, that poocumber hurt on the way out!
by afrodude June 23, 2006
A large, smell, big fat turd.
Who left a poo-cumber in the toilet?
by Creedon May 24, 2007
A long fat green turd. Usually found after a heavy night on herbal spirits (jagger bombs, etc.)
Ah mate…that was a heavy night on the bombs…I think I just did a poocumber!
by H3FTI January 08, 2013
a large woman's dildo.
Bertha kept her poocumber under the couch coushion.
by A.Lee.Ass April 14, 2011
A crap so big it looks like a cucumber. Doesn't necessarily have to be green.
I just took the biggest dump in your mom's bathroom, man. We're talking one poocumber after another!
by dpaulbarrett1 January 06, 2010

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