Top Definition
1. One who is considered a "loser" or the outcast among friends.
2. a adjective describing a somewhat flamboyant or homosexual individual.
3. a "soft" kid wimp
1. "what a ponty mark is"
2. "why do you dress like're a ponty"
3. "stop acting silly...your're being a ponty"
by professer October 16, 2006
someone who is soft and sucks at big two
Alex lee is a ponty and sucks at big two.
by hehhet453434 June 16, 2010
see also Pontardawe and Pontypridd
"i'm going to Ponty to be bored"
by Duke of Earl January 28, 2005
Alexander Pont, Crazy kid, who constantly gets in trouble
"Wow ponty is stupid!"
by Mr. Eric March 11, 2005
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