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a person who smells offensively
He hasn't had a bath in yonks, he's a real ponger
by Ems74 December 08, 2006
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A young man who chooses a lifestyle of playing beer pong with his boyfriends as opposed to spending quality time with hot chicks.
Man, Matt is such a ponger, he has that smoking hot chick named Kelci and he'd rather go to the bar and hang with those dud friends of his instead.
by Tomgunn July 29, 2010
People who bounce around like the dot on the 1972 arcade game Pong e.g. people in a mosh pit
I bought a ticket in the seats to not get pummelled by the pongers on the floor
by JRHE July 11, 2010
a mentally handi caped person from new inn my god who let this guy out of the womb what were they thinkin he likes the virginian and the bandstand
if you mix a clod of turf and a handi cap together voila pongers
by mr manunited October 10, 2007

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