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Describes a large capacity magazine for a firearm.
Yo, can I gets an estendo fo dat Glock??
by Tomgunn April 21, 2009
Refers to the capacity of a firearm magazine.
What da cliphol on dis choppa??
by Tomgunn September 21, 2007
Describes the appearance of a female. Woman looking good in regards to hair and makeup but wearing bummy clothing such as sweats.
That girl is bummy fresh.
by TomGunn April 21, 2009
Refering to the polymer construction of an item such as a polymer framed handgun.
Yo dog, check out dat Glock. It got the plasticized grip, dey be makin all dem guns like dat now.
by Tomgunn July 14, 2010
Referring to lust of an extended family member.
Yo, dat be my cousin sister and she is phat. I'm gonna get wiff her and make her my stendahoe.
by tomgunn May 11, 2010
A young man who chooses a lifestyle of playing beer pong with his boyfriends as opposed to spending quality time with hot chicks.
Man, Matt is such a ponger, he has that smoking hot chick named Kelci and he'd rather go to the bar and hang with those dud friends of his instead.
by Tomgunn July 29, 2010

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